Small Sailboats

Catalina sailboats were born in 1970 when founder Frank Butler had to finish a boat himself that he had contracted someone else to build. Catalina sailboats also remain to be a privately owned company. Holding onto its values Catalina has grown to be one of the leaders in the industry. They are very interested in their customers and listen to what the customers have to say and are recommending.

Catalina sailboats range in size from an 8′ Sabot up to the 47′ three cabin world cruiser. Catalina boats goal was not to be the largest manufacturer but to build really good quality boats with great value for the money. The smaller 8′ – 25′ Catalina sailboats are ideal for the novice, wanna be sailor. These Catalina sailboats provide an outstanding, safe and ease of handling experience. The whole idea to learning to sail is to be relaxed, have fun, and provide an unforgettable experience for the whole family. By the way, when you have learned to sail and have your own boat, it’s unbelievable the number of new friends you will have.

Catalina sailboats have large volume interior cabins, and provide very spacious family sized cockpits providing plenty of room for the captain and first mate to operate the boat with ease and still have plenty of space for the rest of the family or friends to relax and enjoy the serenity offered only by experiencing sailing. There is no roar of the engines, no smell of diesel or gasoline and no concern about how much fuel is left or how much this is costing you. When sailing the cost of fuel is $0.00 while under sail, that is noooo dollars.

There is nothing more fun than taking any of the Catalina boats out for the day, weekend, or longer and finding a beautiful island or cove to anchor at and soak up some Rays, go swimming or picnic.

The larger Catalina boats have a luxurious cabin or cabins decorated with exotic woods and created by world class carpenter/cabinet makers. Your will absolutely love the galley where you can prepare a gourmet meal if you wish.

Time flies by to rapidly when your out on any of the Catalina sailboats.

You will find yourself being very analytical about scheduling your activities in order to spend more time on your boat.


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