Best Small Sailboats

Hunter sailboats popularity continues to grow and be attracted to every class of people. The rapid rise in fuel cost is almost not a factor as the primary fuel consumed is “The Wind” which is free. No overuse of fossil fuel here!

Hunter sailboats almost sing out, relax and let your troubles blow away in the wind as you enjoy the quieter, most peaceful time on the water you’ve probably had in a long time.

These sailboats are high quality, economically priced, safe and have outstanding amenities. Hunter sailboats have a minimum amount of sail area to achieve hull speed and are very easy to sail.

How in the world can you beat ease of handling by one or two people! You have better value for the money. They require very low maintenance and have one of the best warranties in the industry. You will love the high quality hardware, high density rubrails completely surrounding the boat. Hunter boats also have Kevlar laminated hulls to help minimize damage resulting from a collisions.

Are you hungry? Whip up a nice lunch or supper in your efficient galley. Are you tired? Find the right cove to drop anchor and curl up on your bunk and let the gentle sway of the boat lull you into one of the most restful sleeps that you have experienced in a long time. There is nothing quite as enjoyable as sitting on deck, enjoying a refreshment of your choice, and watch the sunset or find your favorite constellation among the millions of stars.

No matter whether you are a seasoned veteran at the helm or just starting to think about buying a boat, Hunter sailboats rank right up at the top on boaters choice lists.

Start right now to experience what it is like to be the envy of the yacht club or marina! Hunter boats will bring you into a whole new world of leisure.

Hunter Sailboats started with their first boat in 1973. Today the Hunter Sailboats are still in production and as popular as ever and today offer such things as spacious sleeping quarters for four or more people, two way radios, galley’s, full sized heads (bath rooms), refrigerator’s, microwaves, freezers and a lot more. Your can even raise or lower your sails, drop your anchor and operate your bilge pump at the touch of a button.

There are Hunter Sailboats clubs all over the world. Many of the clubs maintain their own websites.

Hunter sailboats has a worldwide network of responsive, highly trained dealers ready willing and able to discuss your wants, need and desires! These dealers are full service dealers, whether you need a small part or technical service in the shop or on the water.

Small Sailboats

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